We are Carol and Ralph, two boot lovers who have been collecting vintage cowboy boots for many years. We started selling on Ebay in 1998 under the name Trodus. Since that time, we have sold thousands of pairs of gently worn cowboy boots. We have come to know many fine people in our Ebay dealings. Cowboy boot buyers are the best people in the world!

We are both retired now and have even more time to add to our boot collection and to finding great boots to sell to our customers on Ebay.


Buddy - The Boot Dog

Rest in Peace Little Buddy

July 22, 2012

About five years ago, we were outside photographing boots when a little tan and white dog came up in the yard. Since it was 99 plus degrees, we gave the dog some water to drink. He stuck around and when we finished photographing and started indoors, he trotted in the house like he owned it. He had adopted us! Although we ran an ad in the paper and contacted the local pet locators, we never found his owner. By now, he must be about 13 or 14 years old, judging by his grizzled face. He sleeps on the foot of the bed and he still loves to go outside when we photograph boots.

Added July 2012: We were able to keep Buddy with us for another 5 years until he died of old age. He always loved to go outside to photograph boots, but this last year, he got where he wanted to stay in the house or if he did go outside, he would be ready to go back in within 10 or 15 minutes. His face was all white hair and his eyesight had failed and he could hardly see, then his little heart finally gave out. We don't know his real age, but we think he was about 18 or 19 years old. I am so happy we found him that day and were able to give him some good years with lots of love and pats.

We live at the edge of the city and people dump their unwanted dogs and cats out here. Over the years, we have adopted many dogs and cats and run ads in the paper to find homes for some of the strays we have found hanging around our house, my next-door neighbor does the same. Please get your dogs and cats fixed so we don't add more stray animals to the world. The Dallas Animal Shelter puts down an average of 11 pitbull mix dogs every day.

Here is a picture of two more critters that we have taken in, a pit bull mix and a calico cat. The dog, who was a puppy when we found her, was tangled in wire and all cut up, she had severe anemia from fleas and hook worms. After a trip to the vet, we nursed her back to health and she is my sweet loving dog now, my Winnie. The cat (Callie) showed up on our porch as a kitten and has been here ever since. Winnie has a big loud bark and scared off a man who tried to come in our front door and Callie is a great little mouser. We have had them both fixed. I try to do my bit to stop excess dogs and cats.

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